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Pablo Isaak Perez

From Southlake, TX

Growing up I never realized the impact my upbringing would have on my life. Moving to and from places such as Mexico, Utah, Puerto Rico and Texas, has played a pivotal part in helping me become the person I am today. 


The variety of places I grew up in and having parents from different nationalities have taught me to be more open to learn from those around me despite of their background, race or upbringing. And since some might be wondering…my dad is from Colombia and my mom was born in Uruguay and grew up in Germany where her mother is from.


Despite of all this, my love for some things never change. My love for sports, music and photography are parts of me that have helped express myself. These interests help me to continue to have an open mind and encourage me to continue to learn about the evolving world around me.


Brigham Young University

2015 - 2019 Advertising


2019 Most Promising

Multicultural Student 

Download my résumé here



Phone: 817-909-2602

LinkedInPablo Isaak Perez  

Instagram: @p_castroman

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