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For three months I interned at Wieden & Kennedy as a strategist.

Here's what I learned

1. My view on strategy has expanded now that I know it has the potential to affect a brand beyond its messaging  

2. Truth always precedes the best work

3. It's getting harder than ever for brands to take a stand, but this  creates an opportunity for marketers to benefit from creating something meaningful

4. Using my voice that comes from my unique perspective is the best contribution I can make - but also the hardest to develop

Unfortunately one thing I didn't quite learn is how to get around the office without getting lost

Here are some things I did

Kentucky Fried Chicken

Our clients had become disconnected with who Kentucky Fried Chicken's consumers really are. To make sure our work would be relevant, we sent out a video response survey to 100 KFC consumers that taught us about their day-to-day lives. I took these responses and turned them into digestible content in the form of short videos and a presentation that was shared with the clients. 

When I wasn't working on that, I helped shape briefs to promote nationwide food launches. I also compiled weekly industry reports for our internal team and clients. 


Facebook Watch

Facebook Watch is Facebook's streaming platform which hosts popular shows such as Jada Pinkett's Red Table Talk and Steph Curry's Stephen vs. The Game. Although they boasted a great catalog of shows, people were still unaware of the community they facilitate on Facebook. I contributed to writing the brief for the campaign kickoff.

Travel Oregon

Travel Oregon had just come off their most successful campaigns in Only Slightly Exaggerated. They wanted to continue the momentum they had into winter centered around the fantastical possibilities Oregon holds. I worked on creating the brief to push Only Slightly Exaggerated into their upcoming winter campaign.