2018 National Student

Advertising Competition


Our brief came from Ocean Spray who sponsored the 2018 NSAC.  The competition began with our advertising program being split into teams where my team was selected out of the BYU AdLab to represent the university at the National Student Advertising Competition. My role consisted in conducting research and coming up with the strategy used to set up the campaign. I was also selected as one of the presenters for the competition. Our team made it to the national level and placed 5th in the nation.

ocean spray.png

Ask: Develop a national marketing campaign that drives relevancy of the Ocean Spray brand for Millennials across both food and beverages. 

Problem: Sales were down 2.5% for juices 7.5% for cranberry sauce ad 12% for dried fruit and trail mixes. 

Insight: Millennials know that collaborating is how you make your ideas better. They work together in their jobs, they mix flavors in foods, and are always up to enhance their lives. 

Strategy: Ocean Spray cranberries best embody the results Millennials value most - elevation through collaborating.

Big Idea: Ocean Spray cranberries are made to mix


Art Directors: Luke Bogner & Sumner Mahaffey

Copywriter: Eli Webb

Strategists: Pablo Perez & Christina Schwartz

Manager: Erin Gazdik